Handmade Christmas Co.

The Challenge

As a seasonal business, Handmade Christmas Co. only has a small window each year to drive enough sales to survive and thrive.

As the industry has continued to become more competitive the business required a strategic solution to ensure they remained market leaders over the festive period.


Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Paid Ad Management
Asset Creation

The Solution

Due to the short campaign window, we chose not to take our usual best-practise approach of creating engagement through brand-focused content.

Instead, we developed the brand’s existing creative into video content and created ads with the purpose of encouraging prospects to start thinking about Christmas early. To begin with, we presented products at full price, knowing that at this point there would be low purchase intent across the board.

After two weeks we entered phase two of the campaign and retargeted video viewers with fresh ads which presented the products at a discounted price alongside urgency inducing copy. We took the same approach with website visitors and maximised engagement by running regular competitions throughout the campaign to continuously reach wider audiences.

The Result

Across the holiday period, we helped Handmade Christmas Co. achieve a 7.1% increase in the number of orders and an 18.9% increase in conversion rate from website visitors over the previous year.



Increase In Orders


Increase In Conversions


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