The Challenge

Competing in a highly saturated market, with a new product from an unknown brand is always a challenge, especially over the peak Christmas period. Chapterful had been unsure of how to reach as large an audience as their more established competitors, given their comparatively small page following and low brand awareness.


Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Paid Ad Management
Asset Creation

The Solution

In order to cut through the noise and start driving sales, we knew we couldn’t simply target our audience with sales focused ads.

We devised an idea to engage prospective customers with a competition to win a personalised book. We created an animation which we published as a video ad allowing us to collect the data of everyone who viewed the ad, as well as those who engaged. The competition video reached over 5.5K viewers in less than a week and hundreds of competition entries.

We were then able to retarget all viewers and engagers with sales focused adverts confident a high number would take action having already engaged with the brand. To further maximise reach and results we created lookalike audiences and repeated the process.

The Result

During the peak Christmas months of November and December, our activity helped to generate over 600 book sales, and heavily increased the organic engagement across facebook.



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